LETRONS: Turkish Transforming Robots in Disguise

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We've seen Angry Birds transform into Autobots and Decepticons. We've seen people transform into Optimus Prima and Grimlock. We've even seen several individuals and companies attempt transforming mini cars.

Now, for possibly the first time, we get to witness a full-size car transform into an anthropomorphic robot and move around. What an age to be alive.

Check out, Turkish "startup and R&D company" LETVISION's LETRONS project. This is their prototype ANTIMON. He can move in car mode (via remote control), transform into a somewhat humanoid robot, move his head, move his arms, flex his hands, and even shoot fog from his... knees?

Okay, so maybe they still have some work to do, but ANTIMON is the company's first prototype. The LETRONS project finished ANTIMON (probably not a Digimon, despite the name) at the beginning of this year after eight months of work. The company began posting videos of the project as early as April. However, the company started posting a new batch of videos on their new official YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The company has big plans to release a variety of LETRONS transforming cars. But buyer beware, the company will only sell "if the buyers [sic] project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the LETRONS team."

Check out the models LETRONS hopes to create:





For those wondering if the LETRONS creators could possibly have been inspired by a certain transforming robot franchise, they don't really say. However, an observant fan might notice that the LETRONS logo has similarities to Transformers' Autobots and Decepticons symbols.

LETRONS is also ready for the big screen with an "official trailer" and "Rise Of LETRONS" official promotional video. The company has yet to update its YouTube channel to tell us whether ANTIMON successfully defeated the aliens.

The LETRONS cars are not drivable yet. Sorry, Shia. But it's too early to lose hope because LETRONS says, "This is possible in the near future due to [the car's] electric engine." In the meantime, maybe you can invite ANTIMON to your next dance party:

[Via Hachima Kikō]

Autobot and Decepticon images via Transformers Wiki

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