For Sale: Radio-Controlled Robots That Walk, Shoot, Transform Into Cars

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Ten 1/12 scale robots will have color customization, include wireless controller

Kenji Ishida and his Brave Robotics company will sell 10 of his 1/12 scale "Transformer Version 7.2" robots. The radio-controlled robots can not only transform between humanoid and car-shaped forms, but can also perform a variety of actions in both forms.

Purchasers can choose the robot's body color, and the robot will be fully built and programmed and will come with a numbered case, a wireless controller, four batteries, a battery charger, motion-editing software, and a cable. Those interested must contact Ishida for a price quote.

Ishida will also display the robot at the Maker Faire Tokyo event on December 1-2.

Ishida posted a video on Sunday of the version 7.2 in action, as well as a video detailing the history of the robot from version 1 to version 7.2.

Ishida plans to create a 1/1 scale transforming robot that "anybody can ride" by 2030. He previously posted a video for his Version 8 transforming robot in May.

The Maker Faire Tokyo event will also display Kōgorō Kurata's hydraulic 4-meter, 4-ton rideable robot Kuratas.

[Source: Hobby via Slashdot]

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