Nissin Unveils Extended Final Fantasy XV Crossover Commercial

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also: Win set of 15 Cup Noodle varieties

Several weeks ago Nissin produced what must have been one of its easiest commercials to make: a preexisting Final Fantasy XV commercial with Cup Noodle paraphernalia inserted everywhere. It promised a longer, 30-second version, which is now here.

The new commercial is mostly the same as the older one, but with additional dialogue ("The capital has fallen"/"Their objective is to steal the ring") and new footage of Cup Noodles inserted in incongruous scenes. We also see Luna leaning dramatically on a huge plastic fork.

The commercial is part of a wider campaign to cross-promote Nissin's Cup Noodles and Final Fantasy XV. Nissin and Square Enix's offices are very close to each other, which has given rise to a friendly relationship. It is elaborated upon in a backstory on the campaign website, dramatically describing how kind Nissin employees saved the day after FFXV's long, long development process by delivering Cup Noodles to hungry and exhausted Square Enix programmers. Now ordinary fans can savor Nissin's giftbox by applying for a free selection of 15 Cup Noodle flavors (Original, Seafood Noodle, Curry, Chili Tomato Noodle, Salt, Western-Style Cheese Curry, Tom Yum Gung Noodle, Mie Goreng, Singaporean Laksa, Rich Shark Fin, Rich Oxtail, Pasta-Style Japanese Salted Roe, Pasta-Style Bolognese, Light, and Seafood Noodle Light) by filling out this form (Japanese only). Deliveries are limited to 150 people and Japan only.

Source: Cup Noodle XV official website

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