D3Publisher Countdown Site 'Trolled' Into Delaying Game Reveal by Years

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Game company D3Publisher has had mixed results with its game teaser countdown sites. In 2016, a week-long reveal was cut short when fans found "edf5" in the source code, all but confirming that the big reveal was for Earth Defense Force 5. The company sped up its reveal to a single day as a result.

The company also had its Omega Labyrinth countdown site in 2015, which sped up if visitors rapidly clicked breasts on the page. The game was quickly announced to be an "oppai" roguelike dungeon game.

D3Publisher's newest countdown dealt with both visitors' obsessive need to click and spoil surprises by flipping the countdown on its head. The new site shows a pair of breasts but tells visitors not to touch. Users who can't resist will see the countdown go up a second after they click.

Individuals who never learned to keep their hands to themselves continued to click anyway, to the point where the actual countdown is "under construction" and theoretically the game is delayed by over two years.

Gaming website Famitsu will have an early reveal of the game, but early doesn't mean much by comparison at this point.

[Via Sal Romano Gematsu]

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