Pokémon Go Developer's Ingress Game App Inspires Slice-of-Life Bishōjo Manga

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Before putting out its hit Pokémon Go app, Niantic developed the augmented reality app Ingress. The game's website promises science fiction mystery and intrigue — which is apparently perfect for a slice-of life comedy manga.

Arai Harumaki's Ingress-teki Nichijō -Chloe-san no Baai (Ingress everyday: In the case of Chloe.) manga follows a young man named Ibuki who bumps into a girl named Chloe and accidentally breaks her smartphone. He lends her his smartphone and the two walk around town playing Ingress together.

The ongoing manga launched last June in Kadokawa's Dengeki G's Comic magazine and the first volume shipped in Japan on Monday. Zettai Karen Children creator Takashi Shiina provided a recommendation for the volume's wrap-around jacket band.

For a manga more in tune with Ingress' original sci-fi atmosphere, Takuma Kimura's Ingress: Tokyo Anomaly manga also serializes in Dengeki G's Comic.

Source: Comic Natalie

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