Shizuoka Broadcasting Tests Out Virtual Announcer

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Shizuoka Broadcasting decided to try something new by utilizing a CG announcer program. According to Spoinichi Annex, this is a first for Japanese television. The station announced on March 30 that it would participate in a test run using Sony and Kyodo Digital News' "News Manager" program. The program converts a news manuscript into spoken word and then delivers the information via a CG model while making sure her vocal delivery and expressions are natural.

Sony did its first test run of the program using models Midori Sawamura and Maho Morishita last August on the Sony Vision Shibuya screen at Shibuya's famous "scramble intersection." Both CG characters were designed with supervision by A-1 Pictures.

Midori Sawamura appeared on Shizuoka Broadcasting's live Ebuai Shizuoka Enta program for about a minute and a half on March 31. The audience's reaction will decide whether Sawamura is offered a permanent position at the news station. If her performance is deemed satisfactory and viewers respond positively, the station will consider hiring her on.

Source: IT Media, Spoinichi Annex

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