Sailor Moon Gets Smartphone With Selfie Stick in China

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
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Smartphones featuring Disney and other themes have been around for years in Japan. So it comes as no surprise that a smartphone inspired by the popular Japanese franchise Sailor Moon is in production. However, there is a surprise. This phone is not being developed in Japan.

The Hong Kong-based technology company and mobile app developer Meitu will release the Sailor Moon M8 smartphones. Although the smartphone's press conference revealed that Meitu will release a total of 10,000 units worldwide, it is likely that most of the phones will fall into hands in China. Naturally, the phone will feature Sailor Moon's pink and gold image colors. The bundle will include the M8 smartphone with Cosmic Heart Compact design on the back, a selfie stick inspired by Sailor Moon's Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and a remote control to click the shutter for selfies.

The phone will cost the equivalent of about 48,500 yen (about US$428), and it is expected to sell out as soon as it goes on sale.

There is no confirmation about what apps will come on the smartphone, but hopefully it packs some Sailor Moon content. To expand their fan experiences, people lucky enough to purchase these phones could install the Sailor Moon Drops puzzle game, which debuted in Japan in 2015 and in North America last year.

Source: PR Times via Sora News 24

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