Iriko Aoiro's Manga Anthropomorphizes Japan's Prefectures

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Iriko Aoiro launched the Japonism 47 comedy manga in 2011 to showcase what makes each of Japan's prefectures unique. The manga anthropomorphizes the 47 prefectures of Japan and highlights regional differences. The fourth compiled book volume, titled Japonism 47 Appare Nippon Minaoshi-hen (Japonism 47 Splendid Japan Review Edition), shipped on Tuesday.

The characters who represent Hyogo, Miyagi, Wakayama, Yamaguchi, and Kumamoto Prefectures appear on the cover of the fourth compiled volume (seen above).

Aoiro, a native of Saitama Prefecture, features the prefectural personalities and hierarchies of Japan's prefectures in her manga. Their anthropomorphized characters become allies and rivals. The story, for people of all ages, familiarizes readers with what sets each prefecture apart.

In the excerpt from the fourth volume below, characters discuss the usage of the Kansai region's dialect compared to standard Japanese. The hat-wearing character believes Kansai dialect should be standard Japanese, but the other characters do not necessarily share his conviction.

Aoiro's manga does not promote any particular prefecture, but some creators design manga and anime to promote tourism in specific regions. For example, Saga Prefecture is currently streaming four anime shorts to encourage tourists to visit the area.

Source: Animate Times

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