The Devil is a Part-Timer! Novel Creator Explains Why Anime Has No 2nd Season

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The Devil is a Part-Timer! light novel author Satoshi Wagahara took to Twitter on Sunday to discuss why there is no second season of the novels' television anime adaptation. He noted that people on Twitter and at signing events as well as friends in private often inquire.

Wagahara said that, no matter the media, he is the biggest fan on the franchise. Although he would like a second season of the anime, he said, "Even if original creators say they want to make anime, that doesn't mean they will be able to. No matter how much you push the original creators, they can't make anime. Anime is also a business." However, Wagahara does not necessarily think fans should give up on their desires.

A new drama CD for the series, titled "Maō, Suteneko wo Hirou" (The Devil Picks Up a Stray Cat), shipped on June 7. Wagahara was apparently referencing the release when he mentioned that the "direct source" of the creation of the CD was videos, and presumably the fan response to them, on the Niconico Live video streaming service. Wagahara added, "It's the intentions of all the users that is the greatest driving force for an anime to be produced." He continued, "It's not just [The Devil is a Part-Timer!], and it's just one cause of fun anime being produced in the world. It's the feelings of all the readers and viewers that they want to see it."

Wagahara reiterated that he cannot promise a second season of The Devil is a Part-Timer!, and there is a possibility there may be no more releases. On the other hand, he said he will keep fans' feelings in mind. He plans to continue to make works, not just the novels, that can best respond to readers' requests.

He cautioned that the progress of the original The Devil is a Part-Timer! may slow due to the release of his many new works. The second compiled book volume of Wagahara's Yūsha no Segare series will ship on August 10. The Devil is a Part-Timer! novel series launched with 029's illustrations in 2011, and the 17th main compiled volume shipped on May 10.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! television anime premiered in 2013. Funimation streamed the series as it aired, and Crunchyroll began streaming the series this past April.

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