Henkei Shōjo's 4th Transforming Girl is a Mini Warship

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The poor protagonist of Henkei Shōjo has, seemingly at random, encountered girls who turn into a jet and a gas-guzzling sports car. Her most recent predicament finds her in the middle of the ocean in a leaking, inflatable raft. Never fear, though, because the latest transforming girl, Nana, is here!

While her breasts might turn into turret cannons, Nana's final form is much too small to rescue the hapless heroine, or anyone else for that matter. Nana is voiced by popular adult video star and celebrity Sola Aoi.

The fifth Henkei Shōjo short will premiere in September. The project introduced another new character, office lady Hiromi, as the "manager" of the project's Twitter account. The staff asks for fans to please support Hiromi even though she can't transform.


DLE's increasingly unique transforming Henkei Shōjo anime shorts have included Rin (a jetplane), Haru (a sports car), and Itsuki (a battle bot). Tokyo MX began airing the shorts starting on July 1. Prior to the airing, the Rin short was played on Street Vision screens in Akihabara, Harajuku and Yūrakuchō once per hour on June 29. Viewers could snap a shot of the video and post it on Twitter with the hashtag "#変形少女えなこキャンペーン" (Henkei Shōjo Enako Campaign) to win a Polaroid photo signed by Enako.

The project's concept is "What would you do if a girl nearby suddenly transformed?" The female characters undergo complete transformations.

Source: Animate Times

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