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Nintendo Website Hints Mario is No Longer Plumbing for Coins

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Super Mario Odyssey director Kenta Motokura confirmed in June that Mario is human despite his odd appearance compared to other humans in the upcoming game. Motokura also said he believed Mario was still working as a plumber. However, although the character travels via pipe, it seems Mario's time working in the field of plumbing has already come to a close.

Internet users recently discovered that Nintendo's official Japanese website hints at Mario's retirement. The website's character profile for Mario mentions his bright personality, popularity, and status as Luigi's twin. The description lauds Mario's athletic abilities, including his prowess at sports such as tennis, baseball, soccer, and car racing. The profile then states, "Actually, in the past, he seems to have also worked as a plumber...."

Some net commenters interpreted this passage as confirmation that Mario has retired from work as a plumber. Net users said the wording makes it look like the world of plumbing was Mario's shady past or a part-time job he moved past. At least one commenter was unaware that Mario had a plumbing profession in the first place.

The character description also mentions Mario's love for Princess Peach and how he uses his specialty jumps and power-ups to come to her rescue when she is in trouble. Mario always steps up to rescue the princess and overcome Bowser's evil. Some net commenters believe that it was Mario's involvement with Peach that led him to leave his life of plumbing behind.

People said that because Mario now seems to work for the royalty of the Mushroom Kingdom, he probably has no need or desire to be a plumber anymore. Can he be blamed for wanting to move up into high society? Perhaps the upcoming game will show whether Nintendo's leading man has stayed grounded and connected to his past even after courting royalty.

Super Mario Odyssey will ship for the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

[Via Yaraon!, Hachima Kikō]

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