DMM's Newest Game Casts Imagines Idioms as Girls

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

While DMM's latest anthropomorphization game didn't get off the ground, the company already has a new one lined up for players' mobile devices and its full of life advice.

Idiom Girl is a mobile role-playing puzzle game where the player summons "moji otome" (character girls, where 'character' refers to symbols used to write) using four-character compound words (idioms, yojijukugo). The moji otome help the protagonist regain the land of "Yamato" from the hands of an empire that has since dominated kanji.

Examples of idiom girls include "Yuigadokuson" (self importance), "Ichigoichie" (one chance in a lifetime), "Furōfushi" (eternal youth), "Kaitōranma" (solving a problem swiftly and skillfully), "Kōinryūten" (time passes in no time) "Shinrabanshō" (the whole of creation), "Ingaōhō" (karma), "Hyakkiyakō" (parade of hundreds of yōkai), "Chimimōryō" (evil spirits of rivers and mountains), and more.

Pre-registration is currently open.

Idiom Gal follows a new type of anthropomorphization that combines with Japanese wordplay. The browser game Kill Doya (Kill Self-Satisfaction) centers on "ishiki takai-kei" (literally, "high consciousness-type") words as humanoid characters.

[Via Otakomu]

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