Type-Moon Finally Beats KanColle, [email protected] in Comiket Circle Tallies

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This year's Winter Comiket 93 is seeing an upheaval in the established dōjin circle trends. Kantai Collection has fallen out of the top spot its kept in its grasp for the last three years. Taking its spot is, surprisingly, not its rival Touhou Project. In fact, it's not the third or fourth place franchises, [email protected] or Touken Ranbu. Shooting to the top is last Comiket's fifth place holder, the Nasuverse or Fate franchise.

The TYPE-MOON games have a total of 1,498 dedicated dōjin circles at Comiket 93. In second place is Kantai Collection with 1,460 circles, a drop from 1,802. The [email protected] actually gained more circles for a total of 1,384 but it still wasn't enough to beat out TYPE-MOON. Touhou Project is in fourth with 1,290 circles, followed by Touken Ranbu with 1,014 circles and Yuri!!! on Ice with 534 circles.

"myrmecoleon," who regularly analyzes Comiket numbers for trends, predicted a rise in Fate-related circles due to the popularity of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. They also predicted that Kemono Friends will see a huge increase at Comiket 93, from 90 circles to the 200-400 range. They also expect an increase in My Hero Academia thanks to the character Himiko Toga, as well as Mr. Osomatsu in time for its second season.

Kemono Friends director TATSUKI and voice actresses Chiemi Chiba, Nami Miyahara, Kikuko Inoue, and Atsuko Tanaka are all participating at the upcoming Winter Comiket 93. The event will take place December 29-31 at Tokyo Big Sight. This summer's Comiket 92 drew a total of 500,000 attendees across all three days.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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