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Dōjin Circle Numbers Reveal Top Series at Comiket 92

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Number crunchers rejoice, the stats for this month's Comic Market 92 reveals some interesting trends for what series are burning up the charts, at least when it comes to fan-made manga. Comiket utilizes "genre categories" that can move around based on popularity. Some categories are just single series unto themselves, while others are based around subject and publisher like Jump sports, shōnen manga, or romance games. Taking a look at the first graph, analysis author, Meiji University Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library staff member, and Niconico Gakkai β executive committee member "myrmecoleon" measured the percentage of circles in each the categories. These categories include both the subjects the manga are based on and multimedia categories, like music.

The largest percentage goes to Games (21%), followed by Other: For Men (13%), Anime (11%), Original Work 11%, Galge (bishōjo dating sims) 10%, Dōjin Soft (self-made games) 9%, Manga (not Jump) 7%, Critique/Mecha/Military 7%, Manga (Jump) 6%, Self-produced Music, Sports, & Dramas 3%, and Fan fiction 2%.

Looking at the catalog closer reveals which specific works are the most popular. Kantai Collection remains the top contender, as it as for the last two years. The ship girls are followed by the Touhou Project maintaining the spot after previously losing it to DMM's Tōken Ranbu. The IDOLM@STER game is in third place followed by Tōken Ranbu in fourth. Fifth place is the entire Nasuverse, or Fate franchise.

The rest of the the graph entries are: Love Live!, Yuri!!! on Ice!, Girls und Panzer, Granblue Fantasy, Haikyu!!, Mr. Osomatsu, Vocaloid, Tiger & Bunny, Kuroko's Basketball, Attack on Titan, Ensemble Stars!, Yowamushi Pedal, World Trigger, Hetalia, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and My Hero Academia.

Blue bars represent popularity among men's circles, red as women's circles, and purple as both. The gray bar represents the amount at Comiket 91.

This year's event takes place from August 11-13 at Tokyo Big Sight, the second to last Comiket before the event moves to accommodate construction to prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games. Even though the event isn't moving yet, it's worth noting that the venue's West 1 and 2 Halls are closed for renovations causing a decrease in available space for vendors. Comiket draws huge numbers twice a year, but this year's will be the event's smallest in a decade. The event is losing approximately 3,400 circles due to the space closure.

Even taking this into consideration, myrmecoleon notes that the drop in Touhou Project and Mr. Osomatsu circles is more than expected. Fate-related circles also increased greatly, likely due to the popularity of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game.

myrmecoleon predicts, based on popularity on pixiv from June 1 to July 31, that Kemono Friends will see a huge increase at Comiket 93, from 90 circles to the 200-400 range. They also expect an increase in My Hero Academia thanks to the character himiko Toga, as well as Mr. Osomatsu in time for its second season.

Source: ASCii x Digital via Yara-on!

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