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Dōjin Circle Numbers Reveal Top Series at Comiket 89

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Kan Colle, Tōken Ranbu top; Comiket 90 predictions include Mr. Osomatsu

Fans are gearing up for this winter's Comic Market 89 next weekend. While lines may be longer, one thing remains consistent: Kantai Collection is still the most popular franchise for dōjin circles. A total of 2,747 circles dedicated to ship girls were registered, an increase of almost a 1,000 compared to this year's summer Comiket.

Kan Colle is usually neck and neck with Touhou Project, but the analysis of dōjin registrations reveals another upset. Touhou Project fell to the fujoshi-targeted Tōken Ranbu. The mobile game is a similar format to Kantai Collection, only it stars historical swords reimagined as attractive men. Tōken Ranbu garnered 1.724 circles compared to Touhou Project's 1,666.

Blue bars represent popularity among men's circles, red as women's circles, as purple as both. The gray bar represents the amount at Comiket 88.

The other popular choices include The IDOLM@STER (1,325), Haikyuu!! (816), Kuroko's Basketball (708), Yowamushi Pedal (693), Love Live! (664), Tiger & Bunny (464), Attack on Titan (427), Vocaloid (333), Fate series (296), Hetalia (291), Free! (287), Blood Blockade Battlefront (217) and Splatoon (50).

Analysis author, Meiji University Yoshihiro Yonezawa Memorial Library staff member, and Niconico Gakkai β executive committee member "myrmecoleon" also noticed trends by comparing Comiket 88 and 89. Some of these trends matched myrmecoleon's predictions, like Tōken Ranbu's increase in popularity and Love Live! and The IDOLM@STER's decrease, while others did not.

myrmecoleon also published predictions for Comiket 90 based on certain series' popularity on pixiv. myrmecoleon analyzed posts on the fan art website from November 1 to December 17. Their predictions include:

  • A major increase in Mr. Osomatsu circles
  • Increase in One-Punch Man circles
  • Increase in Splatoon circles
  • Reduction in Attack on Titan circles
  • Reduction in Tiger & Bunny circles
  • Reduction in Yowamushi Pedal circles
  • Reduction in Kuroko's Basketball circles
  • Increase in Touhou Project circles
Based on Mr. Osomatsu's popularity on pixiv, myrmecoleon expects several hundred circles dedicated to the series to show up at next year's summer Comiket. The amount of fan art for the series posted on pixiv during the analysis period was so high that the bar could not be represented on the graph with the other series.

pixiv is in green, dōjin circles at Comiket 89 are in blue.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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