Toppo Snacks Turn to A.I. to Pick Its Next Flavor

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Can good taste be crafted by an algorithm? Major snack brand Lotte will test that question with a limited supply of Toppo snack sticks. Starting on December 22, Lotte will introduce 1,500 boxes of the "Calamansi" flavored snack. The flavor was selected based on customer input, trends, and other data that was analyzed by artificial intelligence.

Westerners may be less familiar with calamansi, also known as the golden lime, Philippine lime, Panama orange, Chinese orange, musk orange, and acid orange. Despite its many names, the citrus fruit hails from Southeast Asia and is a genetic cross between a Mandarin orange and a kumquat. The fruit is known for its strong acidity, a slightly spicy aroma, and a classic citrus scent.

Sales will show how well the AI was able to predict human's taste. The very limited supply though means that anyone interested will have to act fast.

Source: Peachy via Otakomu

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