Oreimo's Ayase Turned in Conversational, Holographic A.I. Girlfriend

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Gatebox has paved the way for two-dimensional waifus, first by introducing its "Holographic Communication Robot" in 2016 and followed by establishing its Jigen Tokō Kyoku (Dimensional Voyage Department) and offering a marriage registration service for people who want to record their unions with 2D characters.

Gatebox is now updating its Communication Robot from original character Hikari Azuma to add OreImo character Ayase Aragaki. The virtual Ayase interacts with users based on data from Dwango's previous "Narikiri Shitsumon Ōtō Aragaki Ayase" artificial intelligence dialogue training program that started in October.

The integrated Gatebox will further fine tune virtual Ayase's responses to real people. Visitors can try talking to Ayase at the upcoming Nico Nico Chōkaigi event on April 28-29. A special site will also open prior to the event and introduce some of the dialogue and responses gathered from the previous A.I. training program voiced by Ayase's voice actress Saori Hayami.

Ayase was the subject of a recent full-size figure whose character and pose were decided by fan vote. A total of 20 figures were available for enthusiastic collectors to the tune of 1,480,000 yen (US$13,265).

Source: Animate Times

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