With One Push, Hatch Your Own Fate/GO Servant

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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This isn't how Fate/Grand Order gacha usually works, but something tells me that won't stop players from snatching these servants up. Good Smile Company announced the first wave of its Fate/Grand Order Piyokuru gacha figures, six in total, each nestled in its own little egg.

The figures appear first as eggs but contain a spring that, when the right area is pressed, cause the characters to pop out like a newborn chick. Characters so far include Saber/Artoria Pendragon, Shielder/Mash Kyrielight, Caster/Cú Chulainn, Protagonist (male), Protagonist (female), and Romani Archaman.

Each toy will cost 400 yen (US$3.75) starting in March.

[Via Nijimen]

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