Koei Tecmo Prez Hisashi Koinuma Wants Mario Musou

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Koei Tecmo president Hisashi Koinuma sat down with Kotaku's Chris Kohler and discussed his dream collaborations for the video game company's popular Warrior (Musou) game series.

Koei Tecmo has produced Musou games based on a variety of popular video game and even anime franchises, but one series has remained out of reach.

“I'd like to have an opportunity to work on Nintendo's Mario. Basically, he's a character I've been playing with ever since I was a kid, so if I could do something with him, I'd be really happy,” Koinuma said.

Koei Tecmo has had success working with Nintendo properties in the past, with Hyrule Warriors being one of the most recent examples. As for Koinuma's other dream collabs?

“I've been saying this since a long time ago, but Star Wars would be a really good fit.”

[Via Nintendo Everything (Brian)]

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