Seven Bank Recruits Ikemen Characters to Help Customers With Transactions

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Seven Bank is collaborating with whomor Inc. for a project that features ikemen characters who help bank patrons with their transactions. A promotional video debuted this week to introduce the "Seven Concierge" project and its characters.

The project features seven concierge characters with unique personalities. The cast includes:

Tomoaki Maeno as Shō Kaidō

Yūki Ono as Itsuki Hinata

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kaede Hino

Ryohei Kimura as Tsukumo Tsukishiro

Tsubasa Yonaga as Niko Kagurazaka

Yūsuke Kobayashi as Anju Suzunari

Kenjiro Tsuda as Ryūji Himuro

Fans will be able to hear the voice cast's recordings through smart speakers or ATMs. Characters will be able to tell people their Seven Bank account information after linking a smart speaker to the account. People will get the feeling of having a conversation with characters while checking their account balances and other transaction information. Character video and audio will be available at select ATMs. The project's staff hopes to launch the ATM components in August, and they will only be available to Seven Bank customers (although people with other accounts will still be able to use the machines).

In addition, the project will have a booth at the Comic Market 94 event in August. Even people who are not Seven Bank customers will be able to test the project's ATM experience.

A promotional campaign is offering chances to win one of seven signed character fancy paper boards. Seven Bank customers can enter online to participate. The first wave of the campaign features Shō Kaidō, and it is running from June 27 to July 23.

Mizuho Bank also began a collaboration with the Saitsuyo Densetsu Nakane (Strongest Legend Nakane) manga for an online promotion earlier this month.

Sources: Seven Concierge's website and YouTube channel, whomor Inc.'s website, MoCa News via Nijimen

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