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New Gekidan Prince Game's Twitter Account Suspended 2 Hours After Opening Due to... Naked Beetle?

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Tohoku Penet announced its new romance adventure PC game Gekidan Prince (Theater Company Prince) on Monday. Along with the announcement, the company launched an official website and Twitter account for the new game. However, only two hours after launching, the Twitter account was mysteriously suspended.

The game's mascot character is a rhinoceros beetle, and a plain image of the beetle was the original profile picture for the game's Twitter account. The account's suspension was lifted within a few hours, but when the account returned, the profile picture featured the beetle in a fancy kimono. The updated image is still the account's profile picture.

Both Tohoku Penet and the game's Twitter accounts posted about the suspension. They suggested the brief suspension may have been related to the "naked" image of the rhinoceros beetle. It's unclear whether the suspension was actually related to the rhinoceros beetle or whether the game's staff decided to turn the situation into a light-hearted joke. Soon after the suspension began, Tohoku Penet said it planned to contact Twitter about the situation. One tweet on the game's account reads, "There may be misunderstandings with my extreme nakedness from the first day, but Gekidan Prince is an all-ages game." The game's website features the original unclothed version of the mascot character.

Tohoku Penet plans to release the game as well as music CDs for the project. The cast will include more than 40 members, and Tohoku Penet will announce one cast member every day starting on Tuesday. In the meantime, the company released visuals and descriptions for the main characters.

The game's story centers on a popular theater troupe composed of handsome young men. When the group is facing its biggest challenge yet, the player suddenly becomes the leader of the theater company. The player works together with the members to make their work a success as potential romances with the young men unfold.

Tohoku Penet's Gakuen Handsome PC game inspired an original anime video in 2015 and a television anime series in 2016. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired.

Sources: Tohoku Penet's Twitter account and website, Gekidan Prince's Twitter account via Nijimen (link 2)

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