Japanese Gamers Pick Which Mobile Game Should Inspire an Anime Next

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Anime can be based on a variety of sources and some are more popular than others. H-games (otherwise known as galge or bishōjo games) used to be a common basis for harem anime but developers are closing up their offices and the format has since fallen out of favor. Manga and now light novels are most common followed by a growing trend of mobile game adaptations.

Mobile games are any kind of game designed for play on a mobile device. Big name developers include DeNA, Cygames, Square Enix, and DMM Games. The anime series Operation Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Idolish 7, Monster Strike, The [email protected], Granblue Fantasy, Last Period, and Leviathan: The Last Defense are series based on established mobile game franchises.

Mobile game settings and characters vary just as much as a console game and so far anime adaptations range from dating simulators to fantasy role-playing games to puzzle fighters. What game should producers turn to next? The Famitsu App site asked its readers to choose which mobile games they'd most like to see adapted into an anime series. Approximately 3,000 responses were polled over a one week period.

Mobile Games We Want to See as Anime

  • #Compass [COMbat Providence AnalysiS System] by NHN PlayArt/nico nico

  • #Compass is a three-versus-three capture the flag style battle game. Players form teams of three by selecting from the game's roster of colorful characters and fight to capture checkpoints in a certain amount of time. The team that obtains control of the most checkpoints is declared the victor.

    The game's art director Daisuke Fujita was contacted by Famitsu with the news that #Compass was the top choice for an anime adaptation. He responded that the game's entire staff was surprised but that he is both very happy and honored. The game is already inspiring a series of web anime shorts on YouTube.

  • Alice Gear Aegis by COLOPL
  • Alice Gear Aegis is a 3D mecha shooter that utilizes character designs by Humikane Shimada (Frame Arms Girl, Girls und Panzer, Strike Witches).

  • Megido 72 by DeNA
  • Players take on the role of Solomon and use the power of his 72 demons to keep Armageddon at bay. The gameplay is a turn-based dungeon crawler.

    Band Yarōze! by Aniplex and Sony Music

    Despite the game ending service updated in July, there's still a fandom for Banyaro! The music rhythm game starred four bands: BLAST, Osiris, Cure²tron, and Fairy4pril and a number of CDs and a few concerts were held before the game wrapped up.

    Shiro Neko Project by COLOPL

    Shiro Neko Project launched in 2014 and remains a fan-favorite in Japan. The 3D action RPG features real-time battles and players can team up together in groups of four to take on foes. City building is also a prominent aspect that can affect how your character grows.

    The Famitsu App page further breaks down the results by demographic. For instance, #COMPASS is the most popular among men and women in their teens and Band Yarōze! ranked highly among women in their 20s.

    Source: Famitsu App

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