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Netflix May Be Using Fanart for Sword Art Online Banner

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Netflix may have been using fanart for one of its Sword Art Online banners in its recommendations to users. One user posted a screencap of their Netflix recommendations, which includes a Sword Art Online banner with an illustration drawn by pixiv artist Keeta. (けーた.)

Anime News Network was able to confirm with the artist that the illustration shown in the tweet was their fanart, and that they had not received any contact from Netflix.

Because Netflix selects the banner images shown on the recommendations interface based on each individual's viewing habits, it is difficult to verify how many people could be seeing this banner.

In a followup tweet, the user @Marower claimed that they had contacted Netflix Support and was told that all the posters and banner images were materials provided by the publisher. Netflix was not able to provide a specific answer to @Marower's query.

A representative from Netflix Japan told ANN in an email that they are working on the issue and that they have reached out to the artist to discuss it.

Source: @Marower, email correspondence

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