Kemono Friends 2 Director Ryuichi Kimura Shares Frustration with Twitter Feedback

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Kemono Friends 2 director Ryuichi Kimura recently shared on Twitter his frustrations with certain fans who have been pestering him online lately. In a tweet published on Tuesday, he wrote: "Hey, it's fine to criticize and complain, but you don't have to come into a person's mentions directly in order to do that. Do those people think that getting into a person's face and telling them how much they suck is absolute justice? People like that are frightening."

Kimura indicated that he just wanted to vent his feelings and wasn't interested in having a conversation about the topic with his followers. He wrote, "You don't have to reply to this tweet."

Kimura isn't the only staff member of Kemono Friends 2 who has been dealing with the wrath of angry fans lately. In December last year, animation producer Shinnosuke Numata said that the anime production studio Tomason has been receiving various forms of harassment ever since it was revealed that they were working on the project.

The production of Kemono Friends 2 has been a source of controversy ever since it was revealed that TATSUKI and Yaoyorozu, the director and studio behind the first Kemono Friends TV anime, would not return for Kemono Friends 2. A fan reportedly shaved his head to protest TATSUKI's removal.

Kemono Friends 2 premiered on January 7. The new anime's story begins with Serval and Caracal finding a "human" child in the forest. As they travel with the child, they meet new Friends, uncover the secrets of Japari Park, and become involved in an event that will "shake the earth." In interviews leading up to the anime's broadcast, Kimura spoke about how he intends to respect the first TV anime's tone and style.

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