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Kemono Friends Fan Shaves Head to Protest Tatsuki's Removal

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

The announcements that both director TATSUKI and anime studio Yaoyorozu will not be involved with the new Kemono Friends anime has created a frenzy among some fans who want to bring TATSUKI back. A petition to return TATSUKI to the production has already earned more than 53,000 signatures. One anonymous YouTube user decided to take another approach to appealing for TATSUKI's reinstatement as director.

In the video, a suited man addresses the heads of companies involved with the production of the Kemono Friends anime. He thanks them for their contributions to the project and pleas that they reconsider TATSUKI's removal. The people the man names include Kadokawa Group Holdings president Masaki Matsubara, Yaoyorozu president Sadahiro Terai, Family Mart president Isamu Nakayama, and Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani.

After his initial plea, the man proceeds to shave his entire head in the video. He hopes the gesture will help to implore the people in authority to bring TATSUKI back to the anime production. He concludes the video by naming more people involved with the production with the aim of swaying the decision about TATSUKI's removal.

Kemono Friends anime director TATSUKI revealed last month that he is no longer working on the new anime project. Then, the anime's official website announced that anime studio Yaoyorozu would no longer be involved.

Nobuo Kawakami, the president of Kadokawa's parent company Kadokawa Dwango, posted a response in September that he was "worried" about the incident and that discussions are ongoing in both Kadokawa and Dwango. Kadokawa President and CEO Shinichiro Inoue also commented on the controversy on Tuesday and said he has been in discussions with the anime's production committee and Yaoyorozu.

[Via Buzz Plus News, Yaraon!]

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