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One Piece Gets 1st Official U.S. Café in Las Vegas

posted on by Alex Mateo
Café with One Piece-themed foods opens on May 11

Japan has numerous cafés themed after anime series, games, and other related fandoms. Some of them are temporary pop-ups, though some have become established eateries. One Piece, one of the most popular anime in Japan, has had its share of venues for fans to enjoy delicacies inspired by the series. Some are no longer available like the Mugiwara Cafe at the now closed One Piece Tokyo Tower, while others are within theme parks such as Straw Hat cook Sanji's Restaurant at Universal Studios Japan. At one point, there was a real-life Baratie, themed after the ocean-going restaurant ship that Sanji worked on. However, in all these cases, you would have needed to make a trip to Japan... until now! Following the rising popularity of the One Piece brand, thanks to Netflix's live-action series adaptation and the excitement generated by the Eiichiro Oda's ongoing series, Greatness LLC announced on Friday that it is opening the first official One Piece Café in the U.S. at Las Vegas, Nevada on May 11.

Image courtesy of Greatness LLC

The One Piece-inspired recipes include Japanese Fruit Sando — Robin's favorite, Stretchy Mochi Cookies and Gum-Gum Fruit Mousse Bomb — nods to Luffy's Devil Fruit rubber powers, Big Mom's Wedding Cake — a seemingly splendid choice for any tea party from hell, and Mighty Meats Pirates Platter — a meaty meal suitable for the future king of the pirates himself Luffy.

Image courtesy of Greatness LLC

There are also meals inspired by other characters, such as Chopper's Hat Cake — based on the lovable reindeer doctor's iconic hat, Zoro's Onigiri — fittingly named after one of his signature moves and simultaneously the Japanese term for "rice balls," Banban's Pepper & Egg Fried Rice — a delicacy from a friend of Sanij's mentor Zeff, and Tajio's Beef Curry — a dish served by an aspiring Marines chef that the crew met after Alabasta.

Image courtesy of Greatness LLC

What's a café without drinks? The beverages at the café include Nami's lovingly crafted Mikan Tangerine Slushy, the All Blue Mocktail — a drink that hopefully Sanji can find, Franky's Coke-a-Cola Ice Cream Float — which is bound to be a SUPER choice, and Pumpkin Juice — which is probably something that Straw Hat musician Brook would drink... if he weren't a skeleton... SKULL JOKE! YOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Image courtesy of Greatness LLC

The full menu is avaiable on the café's official website. The café will also feature exclusive merchandise, like tees, sweaters, and hats. The grand opening on May 11 at 11:00 a.m. will feature character appearances from Luffy and Zoro, as well as giveaways.

Image courtesy of Greatness LLC

The One Piece Café's address is: 5600 Spring Mountain Rd Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89146. The cafe will be open daily from 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Image courtesy of Greatness LLC

The new café is a collaboration between Greatness LLC's restaurateur Andy Nguyen and One Piece studio Toei Animation. Greatness LLC also worked on the Sonic Speed Cafe, based on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Will you set sail, or at least, take flight to Las Vegas' One Piece Café?

Source: Press release

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