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McDonald's Uses Polymerization on Yu-Gi-Oh!/Hello Kitty for Happy Meals

posted on by Alex Mateo
Franchises get 10 Happy Meal toys in U.S. this summer

Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hello Kitty — name a more iconic duo. Okay, the two franchises aren't really recognized as an obvious pair. To their credit, though, they are no strangers to crossovers with other anime. Hello Kitty, in particular, has had numerous crossovers with various series such as Naruto, My Hero Academia, Sailor Moon, and Jujutsu Kaisen. Yu-Gi-Oh! had that one crossover where Yugi popped out of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo's head... Yes, that happened. Now, Konami and Sanrio have announced a new crossover combining their big franchises, along with a well-known fast food restaurant that is also no stranger to anime collaborations. McDonald's is using the spell card Polymerization to fuse Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hello Kitty as Happy Meal toys around the world.

Image courtesy of McDonald's

The 10 Happy Meal toys, which consist of Hello Kitty characters cosplaying as Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters, include:

  • Hello Kitty as Dark Magician
  • Cinnamoroll as Blue-Eyes White Dragon
  • Badtz-maru as Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • Pompompurin as Exodia the Forbidden One
  • My Melody as Dark Magician Girl
  • Keroppi as Kuriboh
  • Pochacco as Time Wizard
  • Kuromi as Slifer the Sky Dragon
  • Tuxedosam as Obelisk the Tormentor

Image courtesy of McDonald's

The Happy Meal toys will be available in 55 countries worldwide, including Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The collaboration already went live in Europe this month, and it will come to the U.S. this summer. For Europe, the collaboration will last until June 18.

Source: Press release

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