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Anime Trending Launches Global eCommerce Shop with New Mascot

San Diego, CA (May 16, 2024): Anime Trending celebrates the 10th anniversary of its founding with a brand new mascot and the launching of its global eCommerce shop, the Anime Trending Store!

Known for its weekly anime charts that pulls inspiration from pivotal otaku publications like Newtype, Anime Trending has been “Your Voice in Anime” by connecting fans across the globe to their favorite anime, characters, music, and more. The company has expressed that they are eternally grateful to the community that supports and allows them to connect directly with some of their favorite creators in anime.

Height: 160 cm
Age: 23
Blood Type: AB
Artist: Shaw Shaw Studio

The unveiled mascot is revealed to be a bright personality who looks forward to interacting with fans all across the globe. She sports a very hip outfit that reflects the gamer culture with her oversized zip up jacket, black techwear t-shirt, and sleek thigh high socks with orange accents. More details about her will be revealed at a later date. However, her apparel is now available for purchase at the Anime Trending Shop.

About the Anime Trending Shop:

Anime Trending's global e-Commerce store is now live with worldwide shipping available. The company aims to connect its global fans with Japan-exclusive merchandise from popular IPs, host pop-up stores, and distribute goods beyond just anime and manga.

Currently, the Anime Trending Shop includes the aforementioned items that the mascot wears and more. A full breakdown of the catalog is provided below:

  • Zip Up Jacket

    • Featured only in black
    • Made out of cotton with polyester pockets
    • Ranges from size small to size 3X

  • Techwear T-shirt

    • Featured only in black
    • Made out of 100% cotton with embroidered details
    • Ranges from size small to size 3X

  • Anime Trending Thigh Highs

    • Featured only in black
    • Length of socks are 60 centimeters long

  • Bucket Hat

    • Approximately 57 centimeters in diameter

  • Gamer Sleeve
  • Mascot Chibi Charm

    • Height of charm is 6 centimeters tall

  • Mascot Standee

    • Height of standee is 15 centimeters tall

About Anime Trending:
Anime Trending is “Your Voice in Anime” – the leading international marketing agency for all Japanese media. With clients including KADOKAWA, Warner Bros. Japan, Milan Records, Netflix, Aniplex, Crunchyroll, and TWIN ENGINE, Anime Trending understands the needs of publishers, as well as those of fans. The company began in 2013 as an online magazine for overseas otaku, where it has since hosted 10 years of awards ceremonies, generated tens of millions of site visits, and gained over 3M SNS followers. This passion project provides unmatched intelligence and insights into the anime and manga community and has informed the consultancy work since 2019.

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