Live-Action Yu-Gi-Oh x Monster Strike Ad Shows a Rude Yugi

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Smartphone game Monster Strike is collaborating with Yu-Gi-Oh! from February 15 to March 2 with prizes and social media campaigns. That's not all, however. The commercials for the collaboration, which feature the shenanigans of a live-action Yugi, have been causing quite a stir lately because of how ridiculously over-the-top and rude Yugi appears to be in real life.

The commercials were written and directed by Gintama film director Yuichi Fukuda. The 15-second TV commercial shows actor Kento Kaku (who is known for his role in the live-action Paradise Kiss film) yelling out "It's my turn!" and transforming into Yugi. The shopkeeper, who is played by Jiro Sato, reacts in a deadpan manner.

The video was posted on Monster Strike developer XFLAG's YouTube channel on Wednesday.

A 10-minute video called "My turn! Explanation turn! Explaining the Yu-Gi-Oh! x Monster Strike Collaboration" was also posted on the same day. In the video, Yugi ambushes the shopkeeper at his home and yells at him when the shopkeeper says, "Oh, you're that guy who was saying weird things in the shop today."

Yugi seems to be extremely committed to being a duelist to the extent that he forgets about personal boundaries. When the shopkeeper asks, "Why did you break and enter my house?" Yugi responds, "It is because I am a true duelist."

Eventually, the conversation reaches an impasse, so Yugi tells the shopkeeper to sit down so that he can explain how both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Monster Strike works. The shopkeeper doesn't appear to understand, so Yugi shouts at him to sit down again, this time in English. "SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN! SIT AND DOWN!"

The shopkeeper slaps Yugi.

"You didn't have to say it in English. I understood when you said it in Japanese."

They sit down, and Yugi finally explains what both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Monster Strike are, and the details about the collaboration between the two properties. Throughout the whole explanation, the shopkeeper remains clueless, which annoys Yugi because he takes games very seriously.

Just when Yugi thinks that he's explained everything the shopkeeper needs to know, he says, "Make sure you download the app." The shopkeeper asks, "What's download?" This is the final straw for Yugi, who yells out exasperatedly, "Do I have to explain from there?! I will draw your Health Insurance card from your wallet and go!"

During the collaboration period, the first million Monster Strike players to clear the limited-time Yu-Gi-Oh! mission will allow you to obtain two Yu-Gi-Oh! cards exclusive to the campaign from GEO and Tsutaya stores. Those cards are the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and "Light Bringer Lucifer."

Source: Comic Natalie

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