Kemono Friends 2 Director, Screenwriter Discuss Connection Between 1st and 2nd Anime

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Kemono Friends 2 director Ryuichi Kimura and screenwriter Takuya Masumoto discussed the connection between the first and second Kemono Friends TV anime series in an email interview with Anime! Anime! posted on Tuesday.

Note: Spoilers for Kemono Friends 2 episodes 1-6 below:

In episode 6 of Kemono Friends 2, the protagonist from the original series reappears. Kimura said that Kaban's appearance indicates that there is a connection between the first and second anime series, however Kemono Friends 2 was primarily conceived as a standalone work. Nevertheless, Kimura encourages returning fans to rewatch the original Kemono Friends series to appreciate the references and connections. The two series can be watched in any order.

Masumoto said that, thematically, the two series have their similarities and differences. Although both series address the question, "What does it mean to be human?" Kemono Friends 2 is also about the nature of human society, and how animals that have historically had a deep level of involvement with humans. "Also, if you take a broad perspective, the theme of human society is evident not just in this series but throughout the Kemono Friends franchise as a whole."

When asked whether Kaban will make more appearances in Kemono Friends 2, or whether the series will explore what happened between Serval and Kaban in the past, both men responded coyly, "You'll have to keep watching to find out." Kimura said that it will become clear what the meaning is behind the Ceruleans' forms and what Giant Armadillo and Giant Pangolin were investigating.

Masumoto concluded by saying that he hopes that the series can be enjoyed not just as simple entertainment, but also that it can provoke thought about the relationship between humans and animals.

Director Kimura has mentioned in earlier interviews that he intends to respect the themes and style of the original TV anime, and that the series will continue to have science fiction elements.

Kemono Friends 2 premiered on January 7. The new anime's story begins with Serval and Caracal finding a "human" child in the forest. As they travel with the child, they meet new Friends, uncover the secrets of Japari Park, and become involved in an event that will "shake the earth."

Source: Anime! Anime!

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