One Piece 20th Anniversary Special Shows Never-Before-Seen Bloopers

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One Piece voice actors also try out Virtual YouTubing as part of 20th anniversary plans... and April Fool's.

The "One Piece 20th Anniversary Special Program: One Feast," which aired on Fuji TV on March 29, showed some never-before-seen bloopers from the recording booth. The bloopers show the voice actors flubbing lines and mispronouncing key words. For example, Robin's voice actress Yuriko Yamaguchi pronounced "dwarf" (kobito) as "lover" (koibito), and the narrator pronounces "the largest" (saidai) as "the worst" (saitei).

You can watch a compilation of the bloopers below:

The show gathered various Japanese celebrities who share a common love for One Piece. It was hosted by the idol Rino Sashihara, who will be a guest cast member on the One Piece Stampede film, and Fuji TV announcer Ryūsei Ikuta. Celebrities featured on the show include the fashion model Mayū Ikeda, actor and singer Yusuke Kamiji, comedians Kazuya Kojima and Takushi Tanaka, and the comedy duo Kamaitachi.

The One Piece anime has been celebrating its 20th anniversary with other light-hearted shenanigans. Last year, the voice actors started dabbling in Virtual YouTubing, using motion capture to make 3D animated versions of their characters move onscreen. Since then, One Piece's official YouTube channel has continued posting Vtuber videos. The latest video features Sanji's voice actor Hiroaki Hirata and Robin's voice actress Yuriko Yamaguchi, and was posted on April 1. However, instead of using avatars of the characters they play in the anime, they used avatars of Zoro and Luffy respectively for an April Fool's joke.

Ever wondered what One Piece would be like if the voice actors were switched around? This is your chance to find out. Instead of saying, "I'll become King of the Pirates!" Yamaguchi's take on Luffy says, "I'm sick of the King of the Pirates!" Meanwhile, Hirata tried talking with a sword in his mouth, but could only formulate gibberish. Halfway through the video, they swapped avatars, making things even more chaotic. Eventually, they got to play as Sanji and Robin, but only after many misadventures. In the end, that seems like the Straw Hat way.

Source: Comic Natalie, Moca-News

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