Dragon Ball FighterZ Game's Video Celebrates Goku Day, New DLC Character Debut

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Dragon Ball fans in Japan know May 9 as "Goku Day." That's because the numbers five and nine pronounced together in Japanese can sound the same as the name of our favorite Saiyan. To celebrate, Bandai Namco Entertainment released the DLC character Goku from the Dragon Ball GT anime in the Dragon Ball FighterZ game on Thursday.

The company and its subsidiaries also began streaming a Goku Day trailer for the release. The video features Field of View's song "DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete ku," the first opening theme song for the Dragon Ball GT anime.

The official PlayStation YouTube channel also began streaming a Goku (GT) gameplay trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The new DLC character is part of the game's "FighterZ Pass 2" season. As with the previous FighterZ Pass, players can purchase the characters individually, or purchase FighterZ Pass 2 for all six characters. Besides Goku (GT), characters announced so far include: Jiren, Videl, Broly (Dragon Ball Super: Broly), and Gogeta (SSGSS).

The game launched for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam in the Americas and Europe in January 2018, and launched in February 2018 in Japan for PS4 and Xbox One. The game has sold 2.5 million copies worldwide. The Nintendo Switch version of the game launched in Japan, the Americas, and Europe last September.

The game also received a download-only "Deluxe Edition" release on January 31 that includes previously released DLC characters: Broly, Bardock, Fused Zamasu, Vegito Blue, Base Goku, Base Vegeta, Cooler, and Android 17.

Update: Gameplay video added.

Sources:, Bandai Namco Entertainment America's channel

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