Attack on Titan Gears Up For Series Conclusion With DiverCity Tokyo Invasion

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Attack on Titan started a collaboration with DiverCity Tokyo on April 19. The series has had many different collaborations with various IPs and public places over the years, but it appears as if things are finally wrapping up to a conclusion because this event opened to commemorate the opening of the "Attack on Titan Exhibit Final."

From April 19 to June 30, DiverCity will be decked out with over 100 images from Attack on Titan. This is especially noticeable around the escalators on each floor. Here are some photos showing how things look.

A limited-time Production I.G pop-up store selling Attack on Titan goods was open from April 19 to May 6. This is how it looked.

On the fifth floor of DiverCity, there's also a VR ride area called "hexaRide," which has been playing an Attack on Titan-themed ride since December 2018. The ride is based on a storyline from season 2 of the anime where members of the Scout Regiment find themselves surrounded by Titans in a tower. Visitors can choose a session with English or Japanese voice acting, although it should be noted that the English voice actors for the ride are not the ones you may be familiar with through the Funimation dub.

Finally, during the collaboration period, it is possible for shoppers to obtain some limited-edition postcards. From May 7 to 31, if you spend 5,000 yen or more at a shop inside DiverCity, you can take the receipt to the hexaRide reception and obtain an original postcard from season 3, which could feature Erwin, Levi, or Eren.

Between June 1 to June 30, there will also be a "Attack on Gourmet" campaign, although details about it have yet to be announced.

The television anime of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga premiered in April 2013, and its second season premiered in April 2017. The first part of the third season premiered in July 2018, and the second part premiered in April.

DiverCity is where the full-size Gundam Unicorn statue and The Gundam Base gunpla store are located.

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