New Attack on Titan Cafe Will Look at the Past

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A new Attack on Titan pop-up cafe will take over the Tower Records Cafe's Omotesando location starting on June 21. This time the Titans are everywhere, even hiding in the menu. NOTE: Some of the food items in this article contain major spoilers for the Attack on Titan series, including events not yet depicted in the anime.

A trio of titans wait outside a (broccoli) forest for our heroes. One wrong move and they could be titan food. Oh wait, our heroes are grilled chicken. Well, dig in then!

This meat pie holds a secret. Inside its golden, flaky walls is a titan waiting to get out.

The meal selection contains some slight spoilers for anime fans. One dish is based on the character Niccolo's own regional cooking while dessert gives a look at the legendary sea beyond the walls and a certain, important seashell.

The cafe's drinks are also inspired by hit manga series. One drink shows Annie floating in a "crystal" of yellow tropical jelly. Another dessert and drink combo hints the origins of the Titans, and a non-alcoholic Sangria drink is based on the history of the Beast Titan.

If you'd like to become a titan yourself, the cafe has "Black Tea with Syringe" on the menu. The "First Time I Saw the Sea" drink is a salty blue soda. Visitors can also opt for coffee with a quote written in foam.

Visitors can purchase tableware with the Survey Corps logo or hop over to VR machine and spend five minutes attempting to close the hole in Wall Trost. Bookmarks and mini clear discs will be given out as well. Patrons will want to keep a lookout though, titans are scheduled to attack at random.

The cafe will include some displays from "Attack on Titan Exhibition WALL TOKYO" including the life-size maneuver gear. Additional displays are currently a secret.

The Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 anime premiered in Japan on the NHK General channel on April 28. The second half of the third season will air for a total of 10 episodes (episodes 50-59). Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu are streaming the series as it airs in Japan.

Crunchyroll describes the anime:

The battle to retake Wall Maria begins now! With Eren's new hardening ability, the Scouts are confident they can seal the wall and take back Shiganshina District. If they succeed, Eren can finally unlock the secrets of the basement—and the world. But danger lies in wait as Reiner, Bertholdt, and the Beast Titan have plans of their own. Could this be humanity's final battle for survival?

Funimation has acquired the home entertainment, video on demand, and broadcast rights of the series in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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