Kiratto Pri☆Chan Anime Crosses Over With Takashi Miike's Live-Action Magical Girl Show

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Eclectic Japanese director Takashi Miike, best known for horror films like Audition and Ichi the Killer, has been directing the live-action magical girl show Secret × Heroine Phantomirage!, which premiered in April. This show which is aimed at young girls will be having a crossover with the children's TV anime Kiratto Pri☆Chan on July 28, when both shows will have an episode depicting characters from the other property.

Episode 17 of Phantomirage will feature Anju and the Miracle☆Kiratts idol unit Mirai, Emo, and Rinka wearing the Phantomirage outfits. It will be immediately followed by episode 68 of Kiratto Pri☆Chan, which will feature the four main characters of Phantomirage entering the Kiratto Pri☆Chan world in animated form. The characters will be voiced by their live-action counterparts.

The Kiratto Pri☆Chan arcade games will also be featuring Phantomirage's Seira Kureha's outfit starting from July 11 for a limited period of time.

Kiratto Pri☆Chan premiered in Japan in April 2018 as the latest anime series in the Pretty Series franchise, and is ongoing. The anime has video uploading and streaming sites as a central focus, and once again has themes of singing, dancing, fashion, and friendship. The second season premiered in April.

Miike took up live-action magical girl shows last year when he directed the second season of Mahō × Senshi Maji Majo Pures!. Secret × Heroine Phantomirage! tells the story of the Phantomirage, a group of middle school phantom thieves who fight the Gyakugyaku Police and steal the treasures in people's hearts.

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Source: Gamebiz

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