Blood: The Last Vampire's Terada Draws Visual for Stage Play

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Blood: The Last Vampire artist Katsuya Terada drew the visual for the upcoming musical stage play Kirei: Kamisama to Machiawase Shita Onna (Kirei: The Woman That Met God). The play will be directed by actor Suzuki Matsuo (Kaji live-action films).

The play takes place in an alternate version of Japan where three races have been in conflict for centuries. The main character is a girl named Kegare who was kidnapped and has since lived her whole life in a basement.

Idol Erika Ikuta will star as Kegare alongside Ryunosuke Kamiki, Teppei Koike, Anne Suzuki, Sarutoki Minakawa, Jun Hashimoto, Sadao Abe, and Kumiko Aso.

The play first debuted on stage in 2000 and it has enjoyed revivals in 2005 and 2014. Terada has provided key illustrations for the play since 2005. The 2019 iteration will open on December 4 at the Bunkamura Theater Cocoon in Shibuya. Kirei: Kamisama to Machiawase Shita Onna will then go on tour in Fukuoka and Osaka in 2020.

Illustrator Katsuya Terada is probably best known to Western audiences as the character designer of Blood: The Last Vampire anime film in 2000. However, since his time working on the film, Terada has worked as a designer on the live-action Devilman and Yatterman films and was a guest designer on the Space Dandy anime series.

Source: Comic Natalie

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