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Experimenting with Manga: Inside Senku's Lab at the AGC Dr. Stone Exhibit

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Free exhibit runs from July 20 to August 31

The AGC Studio has been hosting a free Dr. Stone exhibit since July 20. This neat little exhibit not only showcases manga art and the anime's music, it also has a recreation of Senku's lab and an area where you can interact with the science experiments depicted in the series. Friendly staff are there to assist and explain the science matters to you. Here is the lowdown of the exhibit. (Note: This article may contain spoilers for the manga.)

When you go inside, the first thing you'll see is stained glass depicting Senku.

You'll also find a photo spot area where you can put on Suika's headpiece and do a pose.

The walls have pages and cover art from the manga. You'll also find recreations of the stone people, which is cool but also kind of chilling to see in real life!

Senku's lab has an array of pottery and glass vials. There's also a little explainer on how glass is made in the form of a manga strip, plus some words from Senku about the kind of work the AGC does to create glass in modern-day Tokyo.

On the other side of the exhibit is the science experiments area. This is where science gets really cool because there are recreations of Senku's inventions, like the glass speaker and the hand crank power generator, as depicted in the manga.

There's a bit of sneaky promotion of AGC's work here as well, because this area shows off the special kind of glass the AGC creates which is both hard and elastic. We were invited to drop a heavy metal ball onto the glass to see if it would break, but it remained incredibly sturdy. I have a newfound appreciation of glass because of this!

The exhibition will run until August 31. If you're in Tokyo during that time, make sure to give it a look.

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