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Senku Tops Shonen Jump's Dr. Stone Popularity Polls

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Shonen Jump manga series Dr. Stone stars a prodigy scientist and his good-natured friend as they attempt to resurrect petrified humanity and zoom forward from the stone age to modern era. Shonen Jump held a poll in Japan and America to find out which characters top reader's favorite list. Weekly Shonen Jump published the results in this year's 35th issue on Monday and Viz Media published both the Japanese and English versions of the poll on its blog on Monday.

Both results have the scientist Senku as the number one choice but results start to differ from there. Sailing expert Ryusui Nanami is the second choice in Japan's results but he only #9 in Viz's poll. Gen Asagiri took third place in both polls. Here's the full results:

Weekly Shonen Jump's Dr. Stone Popularity Poll (Japan)

  1. Senku
  2. Ryusui
  3. Gen
  4. Ginro
  5. Tsukasa
  6. Kohaku
  7. Suika
  8. Chrome
  9. Byakuya
  10. Francois

Weekly Shonen Jump's Dr. Stone Popularity Poll (Viz)

  1. Senku
  2. Chrome
  3. Gen
  4. Kohaku
  5. Suika
  6. Kaseki
  7. Taiju
  8. Tsukasa
  9. Ryusui
  10. Yuzuriha

Riichirou Inagaki and Boichi's Dr. Stone manga takes place after humanity was petrified by a flash of light. Thousands of years pass before high school boy Taiju awakens among the statuesque remnants of civilization. His friend Senku has also returned to life and promises to bring mankind back to its former glory with the power of science.

The anime debuted July 5 and Crunchyroll and Funimation are streaming the series. Viz Media is publishing the manga series in English.

Source: Viz Media, Weekly Shonen Jump #35

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