Doraemon Ukiyo-e Print Reimagines Hiroshige's Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake

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Collab Japan opened preorders for a new Doraemon ukiyo-e print on Monday. The design is based on Hiroshige's Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake print from the One Hundred Famous Views of Edo series. Doraemon, Nobita and other characters are stand-ins for the men and women caught in the rain in the original.

The 1857 masterpiece was even replicated by Vincent van Gogh.

Only 300 prints of the piece will be made and each will cost 50,500 yen (US$470).

The print uses traditional Edo-period techniques of hand carving and painting and is printed on paper made by living national treasure Iwano Ichibee (ninth generation). Three artists worked on the drawing, carving, and printing the art. Artist Naoto Watanabe painted the scene and oversaw the overall production. Experienced craftsman Saeko Baba carved the image in the wood and certified craftsman Hideo Yoshida printed the art on paper made by Iwano Ichibee.

You can watch some of the process in the video below.

Collab Japan released different Doraemon ukiyo-e prints in October 2017 and November 2018.

Sources: Collab Japan, Comic Natalie

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