Reincarnated as a Slime, Ride-On King, Shūmatsu no Walküre Manga Team Collaborate on Poster

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The manga artist behind the adaptation of Fuse's That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime light novel, Taiki Kawakami, has teamed up with the artist and creative trio of the Shūmatsu no Walküre (Record of Ragnarok) manga and The Ride-On King manga artist Yasushi Baba to cross-promote one another's respective series. Shūmatsu no Walküre artist Chika Aji will draw three illustrations for the collab that will be used for posters and pop-up displays inside bookstores.

Fans of the creators can get their hands on one of 100 posters via a Twitter lottery. Participants can enter by tweeting the hashtag "#終末の転スライドン". Beyond the original artwork, the creators are also promoting one another within their respective manga. The fifth volume of Shūmatsu no Walküre includes a flyer for The Ride-On King and the 13th volume of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga includes a sample of Shūmatsu no Walküre.

The television anime of Taiki Kawakami's manga, which in turn adapted author Fuse and artist Mitz Vah's light novel series, premiered last October. Kawakami launched the manga in Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine in 2015. Kodansha Comics is releasing the series in English. The anime will have a second season in 2020. The series has previously crossed over with Kenshi Hirokane's Kosaku Shima series.

The Ride-On King is a spin-off of Baba's Golosseum manga. The manga's story centers on Alexander Plutinov, the president for life of the country of Prusia, a country ruled by violence and the influence of its government. Alexander always desires to be dominant, and "ride" things, whether literally or figuratively. Now that he has already ridden his country, his next target is a fantasy world that has orcs, wyverns, and centaurs.

Sol Press will release The Ride-On King in English.

Artist Chika Aji launched Shūmatsu no Walküre with writers Takumi Fukui and Shinya Umemura in the Comic Zenon magazine in 2017. The historical fantasy follows a lone Valkyrie who decides humanity is worth saving after the gods vote to start the apocalypse.

Source: Comic Natalie

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