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Achira Kochira Bokura Tops Kono BL ga Yabai! 2020 List

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Sarazanmai: Reo and Mabu, Given also rank in top 10

Next BOOKS released its Kono BL ga Yabai! 2020 guidebook on December 12 with its top boys-love manga and novel recommendations. The ranking is decided by online votes from fans. Achira Kochira Bokura by Thanat topped the comics list in the latest edition. The manga tells the story of a popular boy named Majima who takes notice of a plain boy in his class called Sonoki after spotting an unexpected side of him.

The top ten list for BL manga is bellow:

  1. Achira Kochira Bokura by Thanat
  2. Yūtsu na Asa by Shōko Hidaka
  3. One Room Angel by Harada
  4. Twittering Birds Never Fly by Kou Yoneda (available in English from DMP)
  5. Kaniteki Pervert Romance by Neg Sekihara and Nanako Semori
  6. Sarazanmai: Reo and Mabu by Kunihiko Ikuhara and Misaki Saitoh (licensed by Seven Seas)
  7. Given by Natsuki Kizu (licensed by SuBLime)
  8. Love Nest by Yū Minazuki
  9. Golden Sparkle by Minta Suzumaru 
  10. Therapy Game by Meguru Hinohara (licensed by SuBLime)

Last year, The Scene of My Rumspringa (Rumspringa no Jōkei) by Kaya Azuma topped the manga list. Twittering Birds Never Fly also ranked 5th in last year's list.

Source: ComiComi Studio, @LCruciatus

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