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Doujin Circle Releases Book Documenting Hong Kong Protests at Comiket 97

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Comiket 97 ran from December 28 to 31

The doujin circle Muyūbyōsha Byōtō (Hong Kong Dream Walker, lit. "Sleepwalker Ward") released a doujin (self-published) book titled Honkon Sensen Kiroku (The Hong Kongers Resist Documentary) at Comic Market 97. The 136-page book was distributed for free at Comiket and is available free to download on the circle's site on Booth.

The summary on the website is as follows:

For many Japanese people, Hong Kong summons an image of Chinese-style sights. From June 2019, this tourist spot for Japanese people became the site of a battlefield.

The Hong Kong extradition bill sparked the protests, and the wide-scale violence in its aftermath has continued at length. This doujinshi documents our battle, the battle of the Hong Kongers. From the big battles to the small conflicts, it captures many things that Japan's media has not reported on. The story of those on the frontlines is particularly important to document.

Through this doujinshi, we have created a record in order to tell you all another truth regarding the incident. Sleepwalking is a condition where the body moves involuntarily during sleep; when the incident started, everyone has been saying that their bodies went to the protests as if they were sleepwalking.

This is our first time creating a doujinshi with such a large circle, so there may be many areas where we are lacking. I hope you'll lend us your support.

Hong Kong has been in a turbulent state since June, as hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have mobilized in protest against an extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government. Clashes between the police and activists have been escalating within the past months amid concerns of police brutality. Flights at the Hong Kong International Airport have been repeatedly disrupted.

Comiket 97 ran from December 28 to 31.

Source: Booth via On Takahashi

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