Keyakizaka46 Member Yurina Hirate Leaves Group Following Health Issues

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The official website of the Keyakizaka46 idol group revealed on Thursday that member Yurina Hirate is retiring from the group. The notice distinguishes Hirate from fellow graduating idols Nana Oda and Miyu Suzumoto by stating that she is "leaving" the group rather than "graduating."

In Japanese idol groups, a "graduating" idol holds a final performance as a send-off to the fans.

Although the notice does not state a reason for Hirate's withdrawal from the group, her resignation follows years of health issues. In 2018, she fell from the stage during a concert and suffered minor injuries. In December the same year, she took an extended break from idol activities due to sacroiliac joint instability.

Keyakizaka46's notice thanked fans for the support. Finally, it stated that the idol Shiori Satō will be taking a break from idol activities. Her return will be announced at a later date.

Besides being a member of the idol group, Hirate plays protagonist Hibiki Akui in the live-action film adaptation of Mitsuharu Yanamoto's Hibiki: Shōsetsuka ni Naru Hōhō (Hibiki ~How to Become a Novelist~) manga.

Keyakizaka46 is a sister idol group of Nogizaka46, which is in turn a spinoff "rival" group of the popular AKB48. The group was established in 2015.

Source: Keyakizaka46 official website via Arama Japan

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