Former Dark Horse Editor Brendan Wright Apologizes for Sexual Misconduct

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Former Starburns Industries Press (SBI) executive editor and former Dark Horse Comics editor Brendan Wright issued an apology on June 22 regarding the allegations of sexual misconduct levied against him by former Lore Olympus editor Bekah Caden.

I am sorry to Bekah Caden for hurting her by disregarding her boundaries. My recollection of events isn't different enough from hers to be worth arguing. What matters is that my behavior toward her was wrong, and I wouldn't have acted the same way toward a male editor who had impressed me the way she did.

I first crossed a boundary when I told Bekah I was interested in her. She was clear to me about the nature of our relationship, and I convinced myself there was mutual attraction anyway. We later started working together, and I assured her I understood she didn't share those feelings and that I could put them away. But it is clear I was lying to myself about how I felt and what was appropriate, and while I fooled myself, I didn't fool Bekah. A few months into our editorial partnership, Bekah told me it would have to come to an end. Instead of hearing her when she talked about my disrespect of her boundaries, I reacted with disbelief.

I spent the rest of that year rethinking the time we'd known each other in light of the pain I caused Bekah. I started learning how not to lie to myself about my behavior so this couldn't happen again with any woman. But one thing I never did was apologize. I always felt it would be another unwanted invasion of her space. Hopefully this setting is less invasive.

Bekah, I am truly sorry that when you set boundaries with me I broke them. I am sorry that I brought up my attraction to you a second time when you had been clear it was not reciprocated. I'm sorry I wasn't honest with myself about my feelings after that or about the effect they'd had before deciding things could just go back to normal. I am sorry that my failure to respect your boundaries brought my belief in your talent into question. I'm sorry you were put in the position of therapist on top of friend. I'm sorry, years ago when you told me what I'd put you through, that I didn't believe you. I'm sorry for any lasting effects this has had on your life and career. I'm sorry this apology didn't come much sooner. If you want or need this apology extended to you directly, I will make that happen however you are comfortable with, and if not, I hope this one helps heal some of the pain I caused.

As time passes, I will reject any opportunities to turn to bitterness and aggrievement to minimize my culpability. Making amends requires me first to remember that this situation is a result of my actions and to remember the remorse I felt at the pain I caused even before those actions were public. To do my part in making everyone safer, it also means continuing to actively believe and validate people who have been hurt by anyone.

Wright worked at Dark Horse Comics for seven years, according to his LinkedIn profile. He left the company in 2015 and Caden wrote they sometimes worked together on freelance projects at that time. Caden recounted on one occasion she slept over at his apartment after drinking during a work meet-up, but felt she had to lock the bedroom door while Wright slept in another room. Caden wrote that the following morning Wright asked her why she locked the door and commented that the sweatpants he let her sleep in "smelling like p****."

Since posting her story on Twitter, multiple comic book artists and writers, including those who were working with Wright on upcoming publications, stated they would sever professional ties with him. Wright was removed from multiple upcoming projects.

Wright was the editor of Gryffen: Galaxy's Most Wanted, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, and Long Ago and Far Away. During his time at Dark Horse Comics he was the editor of the Planetes manga and volumes of the Archie vs. Predator and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic comics.

Source: E-mail correspondence

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