Meet and Greet with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Komino Masahiko

posted on by Bruno de la Cruz

Emmanuel Bochew, interpret and manager, will organize a second meet and greet event with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders' character designer and Garo -Vanishing Line- animation director Masahiko Komino on September 12.

The event will be held on the Zoom online service in two different panels. The first one will be run between 11am and 12pm (UTC+2; 5am-6am EDT) for 7 euros (about US$8) and will be limited to 300 participants. It will allow viewers to watch the artist live-drawing while answering some questions.

The second panel, described as a Premium meeting, will run from 2pm to 3.30pm (UTC+2; 10am-11:30am EDT) and will allow one of the participant to win the exclusive shikishi that will be live-drawn during the meeting. Note that the participants will be able to directly ask questions to the artist. Entry tickets will cost €25 (about US$30) and will be limited to 15 participants. The shikishi lottery will be held live.

Below is an illustration provided for the Animeland magazine during the Paris Manga event in March 2016.

Please note that all the money gathered will be given to the artist (except for the bank fees).

The very first event organized by Bochew was held on the same service on August 1 and featured artist Hiroshi Watari.

You can subscribe to the event here.

Sources: Meet and greet online, Emmanuel Bochew's Twitter account

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