Visual Kei Band LEZARD Parodies Yu-Gi-Oh, Gintama, Yu Yu Hakusho and More in MV

posted on by Choo Sum Lee

Visual Kei band LEZARD has released an anime version of their latest music video titled "Jam Nomi zo Shiru" that is chock-full of anime references.

Depicting what looks like a magic shounen battle against Godzilla, the video parodies iconic character introduction and transformation scenes from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gintama, Hokuto no Ken, Yu-Yu Hakusho and Ojamajo Doremi. Below are a few examples:

Other references include My Neighbor Totoro, Dragon Ball, and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Finally, the video also features an animated version of the famous RX kick from Kamen Rider BLACK RX.

For more information about the band, feel free to check out LEZARD's official home page.

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