Sailor Moon's DiC English Dub Cues Finally See the Light of Day

posted on by Kim Morrissy

DiC Entertainment's English dub for Sailor Moon is nostalgic for many English-speaking fans who grew up with the series over 20 years ago. The series featured a different soundtrack from the Japanese version, composed by Bob Summers at the Don Perry Music company.

An early soundtrack for the series, created during the production of the dub, has finally been unearthed after all these years. Online archivist ThomasFan1945 Productions™, who claims to have received the audio files personally from Bob Summers and Don Perry, released the files on YouTube on Sunday. The video features music demos, some TV versions of select tracks, and unused cues.

Summers was the primary soundtrack composer for the first two seasons of Sailor Moon's DiC dub. That includes the English Sailor Moon theme song, which has a melody inspired by the Japanese "Moonlight Densetsu" theme song, but alternate lyrics and instrumentation.

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