Seattle Seahawks Running Back Celebrates Touchdown With Attack on Titan Salute

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Travis Homer joins the growing crowd of athletes who reference anime on the field

The Seattle Seahawks' Travis Homer scored a 73 yard fake punt touchdown in one of Sunday's NFL highlights. After pulling off the impressive feat, Homer got to his feet and celebrated with the iconic hand-to-chest salute from the Attack on Titan anime and manga series.

The moment is captured at around the 0:26 mark of this highlights video. Incidentally, the Seahawks ended up winning the match against the San Francisco 49ers with a 30-20 score.

This year saw a number of professional athletes making anime poses and references on the field. In August, Major League Soccer player Nicolas Benezet imitated Luffy's Gear Second pose. In April, Los Angeles Angels baseball player Shohei Ohtani used the Jujutsu Kaisen ED theme as his walk-in song. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was also rife with athletes geeking out about anime and Japanese video games.

Thanks to Phu for the news tip.

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