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Barbara Chambers of Technogirls announced the completion of the long awaited Brother Dear Brother (AKA Onisama he..., or "To My Brother...") volume 5 (episodes 17-20). This volume has a focus on love, and while it may not have as much action as previous volumes, "It more than makes up for it with beauty," Chambers said in her announcement.

Mayonaka Anime announced that they had finished their re-sub of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which was done because they were not satisfied with existing versions. Also, Mark "Shark" Giambruno announced his completion of the Saber Marionette J OAV series, which he will only make available for three weeks due to the upcoming release from Bandai.

Erik Schultz of Lupin Gang Anime announced his completion of Five Star Stories and the first part of Bewitching Nozomi 1, which should be arriving at distributors shortly. Blackjack movie and Lupin III: Walther P-38 are awaiting mastering.

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