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Studio Frustrate in the Netherlands announced that The translations for KinGyo ChiyuuiHou up to episode 12 and OVA have been picked acquired (thanks in part to Momopi of Studio Hooseki), and that they are awaiting the arrival of their genlock, which they expect within a few weeks. They are currently looking for a US distributor of their Goldfish Warning series.

After a lengthy absence, Sung K. Pak of Pakman Productions announced that he was reopening as a distribution service. New releases available include Elementalors, the first twelve episodes of Hana Yori Dango (Boys are Better than Flowers), as well as the first four episodes Aka-chan to Boku (Baby and Me) and Neighborhood Story. Pakman Productions can be reached at

Black Box Productions announced that they have completed the LD version of Neon Genesis evangelion: Air/Love is Destructive part 1. Tapes will be sent to distributors next week. The sub is supposedly cleaned up quite a bit from the VCD versions debuted at Otakon last month. is the place to go for more information.

Erik Schultz, who, in addition to being part of Lupin Gang Anime, has up until now maintained the fansub FAQ, currently located at the web page. Due to time restrictions as of late, however, he is finding it necessary to find a new person to maintain the pages. "The first version took me a few weeks to finish, and I updated it a lot. First monthly. Then bi-monthly. Then... well, lately, not at all, which is a bit of a shame, really. I've been busy working on other projects, including my own subbing, and I've more or less lost motivation." He is currently looking for a dedicated person who knows HTML to pick up where he left off. Applicants should send a sample of their HTML and writing work to Schultz at [email protected] by September 5.

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